The 6 Styles of Documentary Film:

1.Poetic, 2.Expository, 3.Observational, 4.Participatory, 5.Reflexive, 6.Performative [Nichols 2001]


San/Bushmen Interviewed from the Northen Cape and Botswana:

Belinda Kruiper - Poet & Author - A Conclusion to 'By Kalahari Design'

A Collaboration, a walkabout, a video on the effects on creativity and changed perceptions within an encounter between a mixed cultural group of Urban Technology Jewellery Design Students & San/Bushmen Artists. Set in the inspiring Kalahari desert in autumn, the video's emphasis is on cultural exchange and juxtaposing views, continuing the legacy of the late Vetkat Regopstaan Kruiper through Art and developing youth programs. (uploaded via youtube with 640x320 resolution, 15fps, video 734kbs, audio 128kbs & 44khz nyquist sampling) From 'by kalahari design', available in full HD MoonInTheMan .

Isak Kruiper - Traditional Medicine Doctor & child of the Kalahari red sand

"Ok ok yes, here I am Isak Boesman child of the Kalahari red sand & I also am a traditional medicine doctor".
A video clip where Isak talks about the red ochre stone & rock art. (clip uploaded via youtube with 640x320 resolution, 15fps, video 734kbs, audio 128kbs & 44khz nyquist sampling) From 'by kalahari design', available in full HD MoonInTheMan .


The South African Square Kilometre Array and Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study

Mrs. Naledi Pandor, The Honorable Minister for Science and Technology & Prof. Justin Jonas Associate Director South African Square Kilometre Array says a few words going forward regarding the SKA and Stias. This is an ~4min extract from a 2hour array of talks, but I think an interresting extract nonetheless.

Time-Lapse Photography:

Cape Town's Table Mountains tablecloth in full Cape Doctor motion. Original photographic source 3840x2880 jpeg, & original video exported 1920x1080p. Music: Lisa Gerrard, Sanvean

Time-Lapse Photography:
(Blue) Lagoon

Sunset over Milnerton lagoon, Table Mountain set in her tablecloth, and the South Easter cape doctor blowing Music: Enya, Exile Video: Moonintheman original photographic ver: 3840x2880 jpeg, orig video exported 1920x1080p

Surfing with dolphins, well almost...

Although the waves were too small, it was a gorgeous day and i couldn't resist a paddle in front of the lighthouse, milnerton cape town. Waiting for a wave i noticed some dolphins in the distance. Long-beaked common dolphins i think (hey, who are you calling big nose). They seemed to invite me along, so I paddled with them, and subsequently caught a wave in hope that they would follow suit. Alas, i held their attention for but a brief moment, and they were off, but what a gorgeous way to start the day.
Music: Mama ka s'bongile, by the Soul Brothers


An old zulu proverb, 'inkomazi ibhajiwe' literally means "my cow is stuck in the mud ". I say cow quite loosely, because the Nguni cattle are far from the absurd of the great Gary Larson, but are majestic beasts. Dating back to before the Bayete Nkosi King Shaka strolled through dense forest and open grasslands that is distinctly Zululand in the early 1800s, the Bhantu people were long seasoned cattle headers. So when a young man happened to find his nguni cow stuck fast in the red mud, he would holler "inkomazi ibhajiwe" thus letting his fellow kinsmen know of his predicament, and help would soon be at hand.
I believe in archiving tales from the wizen and wizards alike. stories and traditions to be captured in Photography and HDV, from the San in the Kalahari to the Zulu and Afrikaner and English. So i holler, "inkomazi ibhajiwe!", for my sacred cow is now stuck in the mud. You can help by purchasing wall art for your office or home and or sharing any images you like.